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Have you ever prepared the perfect meal for an event away from home, but had trouble getting it there with no spills or mess? If so, the Hot-n-Tidy is just for you!

Cook and carry hot meals all year around, all the time:

  • Tailgating parties
  • Potlucks
  • Delivery of hot meals
  • Catering events
  • Picnics

Hot-n-Tidy is made of heat-resistant silicone rubber and durable nylon that spans across the lids of all your cookware and bakeware — all sizes and shapes — and wraps snugly around the entire dish. It even works on slow cookers… so convenient and versatile!

Hot-n-Tidy’s built-in handle keeps your hand away from the dish, while sealing the lead tightly. Its fully adjustable, quick-release snap buckle fastens the strap to fit any size dish or pan.

Hot-n-Tidy even has an easy-look identification tag, so you know what’s inside without letting the heat out!

The result? No-mess, no-spill transport of your favorite meals, anywhere!


The Hot-n-Tidy transport strap is made of durable, long-lasting straps and sturdy snap buckles. Hot-n-Tidy provides a safe and clean method of carrying food in cookware and bakeware.

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How to use Hot-n-Tidy

1. Set dish on Hot-n-Tidy strap an equal distance to the depth of the dish.

2. Wrap grip-tight rubber stabilizer around lid handle.

3. Snap the two ends together...

4. Tighten and you're ready to go!