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During travel, individuals often secure food items stored in lid-covered dishes by gripping them tightly in their hands, or by placing the item on the car floor, wrapping them in towels or by stowing them in leaky, flimsy boxes. The contents of dishes tend to spill easily, causing untidiness, stains, and waste; and the food items get cold.

Inventor David Dunican, Sr. is proud to introduce the new and unique Hot-n-Tidy transport strap, to efficiently transport foods in most types of dishes anywhere!

Hot-n-Tidy is the only product of its kind that adds functionality and convenience to a wide assortment of pots, pans, dishes, and slow cookers.

About David Dunican, Sr.

David retired from Hasbro, Inc. as Vice President of Engineering after nearly 40 years, starting as apprentice electrician. During his tenure, David became familiar with all aspects of manufacturing processes, including foreign start-up manufacturing. David leveraged his expertise to develop his newest invention, Hot-n-Tidy™, which has patent-pending status.